AFCEA Rome Student Club

AFCEA Student Club


The AFCEA Rome Student Club has been established in Sept. 2013 with the aims to provide students, both PhD. and under-graduated students, a platform to meet the world of the defence and the companies/institutions related to it, with the twofold objective:

  • To increase the awareness of the students on the importance of the technology that they study (and also research studies) in the defence and security field, but also in dual-use applications (emergency, surveillance etc.)
  • To provide defence institutions and related companies a fresh and advanced look at the technology/strategies that they could use.

President: Eng. Marco Bafile

Faculty Advisor: Ernestina Cianca, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

1st Vice-President: Eng. Alessio di Mare

2nd Vice-President: Eng. Fernando Marino’

Secretary: Eng. Marco Giangolini